you’re probably wondering how this all started. well, let us fill you in.



is a halifax based professional and student working in marketing and studying psychology and philosophy at saint mary’s university. a natural entrepreneur, al has always had a knack for ‘going for it’ and is the business brains behind the operations. a love of crafting her personal style with secondhand clothes and flexing her creative muscle made north and willow a no brainer for her. she hopes that our collections will inspire you to think outside the box with your style and ultimately step away from fast fashion. when alex isn’t working or studying, she can usually be found making art with her daughter, ada, at the show of an artist you probably haven’t heard of but should start listening to asap, or hanging out by the water with a cold beverage. al’s role at north and willow ranges from photography and design to finances and of course, thrifting with kari.



is currently toronto based pursuing a post grad certificate in sustainable fashion production. after four years at dalhousie university studying international development and bioethics she realized that life was about doing what makes you happy (so cliché) and there’s nothing that gets her going quite like a well cut button up, the perfect pair of vintage denim and getting the message across that the climate crisis is, in fact, a crisis. you can usually find her reading a magazine from her collection in the grass at the park, ‘doing things’ with her friends or drinking wine (particularly old world) after work. north and willow has been an outlet for kari to talk about sustainability and allow her to curate a resource for people wanting to be more conscious and get more involved in the way their shopping habits can make an impact. beyond this she shares creative duties with al and then the best part, sourcing those sweet sweet goods.


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