Returns |

returns will be accepted 14 days from the date of shipment. garments must be clean and have original north and willow tags attached. your refund will be credited to the original form of payment used to make the purchase.

cost of return shipping and shipping method is up to you. if a return is received outside the eligible return window the item(s) will be reshipped to the purchaser.

Privacy Policy |

we want to be as transparent with you as possible about how we’re collecting, using and storing your information. this privacy policy is meant to help you understand this and to gain your trust. keep reading if you want to know more.

what you can control:

- you have the option to create an account and to provide us with personal information (including your address, phone number, email address and credit card/paypal account details). this account allows you to interact with our platform in an easy and meaningful way. expediting the check out process and allowing you to participate in our exchange community.

- on the flip side, you have the option to checkout as a guest. this process allows us to collect the information needed to ship you your purchase but your information will not be stored on our server. this means that every time you make a purchase you have to re-enter your information (or autofill as a result of cookies saved on your computer). this also means that you are unable to participate in our exchange community. our exchange community requires an account in order to receive and use credits towards further purchases.

information collection and use - general:

- we collect personal data when you interact with us. this includes through your account settings, requesting customer support or participating in contests.

(personal data, or personal information, includes any information from which an individual can be identified)

- we use cookies to collect information from your interactions with us to enhance your shopping experience and for our own analytics to improve our products, content and experience for you. see below for specific information regarding cookie use.

- if you choose to click a link to a third party website through advertisements or affiliate links those third party websites may collect personal information from you. we do not have control over how these third party websites use/ store your personal information.

how we use cookies:

the cookies that we use are there in order to provide data to our analytics and provide us with performance data. this specifically targets data from how you interact with our website. the specifics are kind of boring so if you want to know more about exactly what analytics we use and how we gauge performance by collecting cookies please send us a message at

the other kind of cookies basically store your preferences and your information for your account. we use these in order to tailor your experience with our website. this makes things more efficient and more personal. we like that.

we also understand that you may not be down to have cookies stored on your computer and you have the option to opt out. ways in which you can opt out are simple. you can use an ‘incognito’ window (or whatever your chosen browser refers to it as) in order to browse without us putting cookies on your device. you can also clear your cache in order to remove the cookies that we’ve placed on your computer. by doing this any preferences that would be logged from collecting your cookies will be lost (your account will not be lost, but your computer may not keep you logged in or remember your password). check your browsers’ setting in order to find out what necessary steps you have to take to get that going.

there is a chance that specific ‘do not track’ settings won’t be acknowledged by our server. it is unlikely that this is the case but if so we assume no liability for any cookies placed beyond this setting. it is up to you to ensure that you have cleared your cache or chosen an incognito window beyond the setting.

if you have question beyond what this privacy policy has covered please feel free to contact us at